"We Are Brave" music video by Shawn McDonald, off his album "Brave"

Home decor: DIY Gold Chevron Tray from Ikea's Barbar Tray


You probably have seen this beautiful ceramic white and gold zag tray everywhere. I know I have. I first saw it here, on Design sponge. It was one of the holiday limited edition pieces from Susan of Up in the air somewhere. It was handmade, it was ceramics, the stripes were real gold…

Ceiling. Sky light
At work. Ugh,sick with a cold,craps. Wishing I could wear comfy clothing to work.

The Lord is Near
In Luke 7:11-17, we learn the death of a mother’s only son who was been taken out of Nain (the name of the town) to be buried. Considering that the boy was her only son, you could imagine how heart broken the widow must’ve been. However, just as they were exiting the town of Nain, Jesus and His disciples were about to enter the town and happened to see this funeral procession. Jesus being who He was, was filled with compassion and beelined towards the funeral gathering and before anyone knew it, He had raised the boy from the dead. 
Coming back to our own lives, we usually feel broken and defeated when something or someone in our lives has died (both literally and figuratively). This could be a loved one and can also be due to a broken dream, an unfulfilled promise and more. But Christ being who He is, never turns a blind eye at our loss, pain and suffering. By inviting Christ into our lives and allowing Him to take control of it all, He raises up all that is dead within us and makes us new beings. With Christ, you can always be assured that He will turn things around for you.
No matter the season you may be in right now, never forget that the Lord is always close to you and He is working in your life in such radical ways. Just believe!
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